Clay paving for public spaces

Looking for an original and sustainable way to breathe new life into a city, play area, or other public space? Clay paving from Vandersanden can take your project to a new level.

Design a public space together?

Vandersanden is widely known as a manufacturer of pavers and bricks, but we are also a knowledge partner who can work alongside you to find solutions for public spaces.

Our employees are experts in pavers. We are happy to share our expertise to help set your project on the right track. We strive for the ultimate partnership for the most beautiful and most sustainable streets and façades. 

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Paving for any type of public space

Strolling through the village square or along the shopping streets. For many, this conjures up an image of cosiness and authenticity in which the familiar paver is never out of place. Since the fourteenth century, clay paving has been a fixed component as paving for any type of public space. 

Paving for different types of public space 

Paving for any type of public space


Climate-adaptive paving solutions

The summers are getting hotter and wetter, and public spaces need to account for these changes. Proper storage and infiltration of rainwater are essential. Decoupling is good for local groundwater levels, and to help prevent desiccation. It prevents sewers from becoming overwhelmed and waste water from being released into the surface water. The correct approach to dealing with heavy rain has a sustainable impact on the environment and on local residents. Vandersanden can help you find climate-adaptive solutions.

Familiar with Drainflow®?

Linge® size

Linge® size

Robust, authentic, and sustainable

A public space that’s just that bit different. An environment that gives people that special feeling as the streets, footpaths, and squares have a touch of authenticity and exude calm and a unique charm. This kind of aesthetic ambition is what the Linge® large-size pavers by Vandersanden are all about.

As these pavers are larger than the popular standard sizes, they add a certain peacefulness and robustness to the streetscape. In addition, the Linge® size helps to reduce maintenance thanks to fewer gaps. And last but not least, the pavers’ special properties make them extra sustainable.

Everything you need to know about Linge®

Find your documents, certificates, and product information

Our knowledge base contains brochures, performance certificates, warranty information, and guides. 

Plenty to choose from

In addition to our standard range of pavers, there is more to choose from when it comes to clay paving. Discover our specials, such as glazed and special brick, or make your own colour mix.

Discover our special pavers

Why pavers?

Clay pavers from Vandersanden are sustainable and inject lots of character into public spaces. Other benefits are: 

  • Warm and high-quality appearance
  • Creative design freedom
  • Long lifespan of 125 years on average
  • Colourfast
  • Environmentally-friendly – high ECI score
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to remove and reuse (and reuse again)
  • Made from renewable river clay
  • Bespoke service and advice 

All benefits

Why pavers?

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