Clay pavers for every garden

Clay pavers from Vandersanden are a real asset to every garden. Our pavers can be used in all manner of locations around the garden. They are perfect for decorative paving on a patio or garden path, but also on a driveway, around the edge of a pond, or as steps. Find inspiration among the options offered by our sustainable natural products. 

The patio

The moment the sun is out, you know where to find us – out in the garden. Perhaps you just want to rest and read a book, or maybe invite family and friends for a garden party. However you use your garden, the patio is the focal point. The convenient size of clay pavers offers limitless opportunities for your patio. You can combine contrasting colours, or create a paved circle.

Looking for something more calming? Then opt for even paving or a subtle colour in a traditional pattern. Whatever you choose, clay pavers allow you to create just the right atmosphere in every garden.  

Our range of pavers

Garden paths and driveways

A garden path made from clay pavers not only offers practicality and sustainability, but also decoration that can be beautifully matched with the green of your garden. You can choose from a wide range of laying patterns, sizes, and colours.

Laying a paved driveway for your car? No need to worry – our pavers are strong enough to cope. Make sure to give the foundation a little extra attention.

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Garden paths and driveways

Borders and pond edges

Clay pavers are an easy way to create height differences in your garden. For a stylish finish to the edge of a pond or raised border, you could consider Blocco Bordano clay stacking blocks. Strong properties make stacking blocks ideal for laying steps. Plus, with a sleek shape and elegant colour, they fit seamlessly into your garden alongside your plants. can also be combined with tiles and clay pavers.  

Borders and pond edges

Creative finish

For the most beautiful of details in your decorative paving. For a path, patio, or driveway to look good and remain functional over time, it’s important to confine your paving. This is what we refer to as ‘edging’. There are different ways of doing this, including concrete kerb stones or by smoothing the outer row of bricks with a triangle of concrete mortar.  A more attractive method is a soldier course, where you lay a row of clay pavers with their ends facing upwards. The outer row of pavers that rest against the edging can also be paved in all manner of patterns. Your paving can be as unique as you want it to be.

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