Nursing home renovated and extended with Wasserstrich in Hannover

The 'Landhaus' nursing home in Hannover has been renovated and extended. The new building is almost 13m high, with a total length of 74.5m, and comprises three connected buildings. Glass corridors provide the connection between the buildings.

The private developer requested an attractive design, as the façade is the building’s calling card, so to speak. Renowned architectural firm Hartmut Zabel of Hannover successfully fulfilled this brief. The resulting extension has doubled the nursing home's capacity.

The Hagen waterstruck facing brick was chosen, harmonising with the design concept and, consequently, ideally suited to this project. We delivered 1250 m² in Normal format (NF).

Project details

Project: extension to the 'Landhaus' nursing home, Hannover (DE)
Architects: Hartmut Zabel, Hannover (DE)
Facing brick: Hagen Waterstruck, NF
Completion: summer 2017

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