Nature at your feet

Kiln-fired pavers have been used for centuries right across Europe. They are the perfect mood makers in any garden. This unique garden feeling is passed on down the generations. Because pavers are timeless, never lose their innate beauty and make you feel right at home in your garden every day of the year.

We believe that the best things in life are made together, by inspiring one another and by lending shape to a prosperous future together. Vandersanden’s kiln-fired pavers see you do your bit for a better and sustainable world. Experience nature at your feet.

Vandersanden kiln-fired decorative paving

  • Made from clay, water and fire
  • Natural and colourfast
  • Timeless paving that never loses its appeal
  • Stylish and extremely rugged
  • Low maintenance, high residual value
  • Easily lasts 125 years


Whether you are dreaming of a modern, a traditional or a country-style garden, in all cases Vandersanden’s kiln-fired decorative paving enables you to turn your garden into something that is really you. Vandersanden pavers are surprisingly versatile, perfectly lending themselves to terraces and garden paths, whilst making an equally great choice for your driveway.

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