A turnkey renovation that resembles up a brand new house.

When you step into her living room, you immediately see why Ilse and her parents fell in love with this house: the amazing view over the beautiful garden into a small valley with its landscape of impressive natural beauty. The small, totally outdated house underwent a complete metamorphosis. E-Board was specified by the ‘contractor’, Ilse’s father Mr Vanden Eede, and architects Benny Zelderloo and Lieve Sterckx from Zx Architects.

“It appears to be newly built, only it's not.”

Excellent opportunity

Ilse’s mother tells the story of how the purchase came about: “Purely by chance, we had seen this house while on a walk. We noticed that it was for sale and had been empty for a while. My father grew up in this street and we don’t live very far from here. So, we couldn't miss this opportunity, and we decided to buy the house together with Ilse. Ilse knew immediately what she wanted to achieve with the house.”


“We saw at once the amazing possibilities the building offered. We asked our architect neighbours, Benny and Lieve, to help because the house was in dire need of complete renovation.”

Benny confirms it was a drastic transformation: “Everyone responds as if it's a completely new house. Which, of course, it isn’t. We removed the upper section and replaced it with a wooden structure. Then we began applying the E-Board. Ilse's dad is quite the handyman and chose to install the E-Board himself. It took one month to clad the entire house with E-Board faced with brick slips. They had to work through the weekends, and from early morning untill late in the evening. The scaffolding was hired for one month, which was only just long enough.”

Father as the contractor

Ilse’s father was the one who wanted to use E-Board: “Because the existing lower structure had to remain as it was, the only way to insulate was from the exterior. We wanted to use brick cladding on the façade, without the need to pour new foundations. We were introduced to E-Board during a visit to the Batibouw trade exhibition. That was also where we chose the colour of the brick slips.” Nowadays, Vandersanden has free training programmes for people who want to install their own E-Board, but that option wasn’t available then. “I watched the instructional videos on the Internet to find out how to do it. It was the ideal 2-in-1 solution: installing the insulation almost simultaneously with the brick slips.”

Benny confirms this: “It’s a complete package, which is very appealing. The wall is insulated so you can start the finishing immediately. When we make drawings of renovations, most people want to do as much as possible themselves. As soon the insulation and outer walls require a separate installation, it's almost certain you will need a contractor. This system is more accessible than doing your own bricklaying, especially for people who have a knack for doing that kind of work. It’s an excellent cost-saving method. I would definitely recommend it to DIY builders.” Lieve nods: “It's often very difficult for young people to fully renovate a house. They will be looking for money-saving solutions at every stage to keep the project feasible.”

"It was the ideal 2-in-1 solution: installing the insulation almost simultaneously with the brick slips.”

Do It Yourself

Mr Vanden Eede has also been highly praised by his proud wife: “He chose the E-Board Zero look, which is more difficult than the traditional look with joints.”

He responds modestly: “Oh, it wasn’t that difficult. The materials are excellent, and the manual is clear. You start at the windows and see where you end up, it's the same for the doors. Only once did I end up with small pieces of the brick slips. I saw immediately what had happened, and made sure it never happened again. It was a little difficult to begin with because I hadn’t worked with the product before. But once you get going, it becomes self-evident.”

Tips? Maybe one practical tip: “Don't prepare too much adhesive at once, or you run the risk that it dries out and has to be thrown away. When you install large surfaces, the adhesive will soon be used up. But when you need to start at the corners, progress will be a lot slower. Also, the adhesive must not be kept too warm (above 30°C) as it will dry too quickly.”

Excellent solution

Lieve and Benny are also very excited about E-Board: “It’s an excellent solution. Especially for this situation, where the Vanden Eede family wanted to do the renovation themselves. If we had had to build a cavity wall in front of the façade, the walls would have become very heavy and thick. This has saved at least ten centimetres. “E-Board is also a good solution for homes that are sited directly along the road, and which are allowed to be extended forward by only fourteen centimetres. With E-Board, you have a 2-in1 solution that saves space and increases the insulation value.”

Mr Vanden Eede confirms the insulation value: “At the base, it's fourteen centimetres, and it's another eighteen centimetres at the top in the timber structure”.


Benny: “It’s nice to watch a design become a reality. The Vanden Eedes wanted something modern. That was the starting point for our design. It was immediately clear that we had to focus on the view. The design was ready in only one and a half months”. Lieve: “It was a perfect interaction: we worked hard and continuously, and they made quick decisions. This makes an excellent result easy to achieve.” Benny and Lieve look back on their first turnkey project with satisfaction: “We have been in business as an architectural practice for two years now. Many passers-by saw our sign, which has led to a lot of other jobs.”

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