What can be achieved with E-Board®?

Insulating and modernising a façade at the same time? With the E-Board façade system, it’s possible. With a finish of brick slips, façades take on the solid appearance of full brick. Sleek, modern, or vintage. You choose the style that best suits your building or home.

Insulating façade panel

With E-Board, you can give a building a protective, insulating layer. The newly insulated walls will then ensure a pleasant, consistent temperature, helping to lower energy consumption – the façade system will pay for itself. But that’s not all.

Benefits of E-Board®

For wide-ranging projects

For wide-ranging projects

E-Board is suitable for both existing buildings and new-builds:

You can install E-Board façade panels straight onto the existing external façade as part of a renovation project.  


Types and colours of brick slip

The E-Board façade panel is finished with high-quality brick slips. The fitter applies a specially developed mortar glue to the insulation panels to give the quality of a traditional brick wall. Two types of brick slip are available: cut and moulded. 

Cut brick slips

The classic, cut brick slips are cut from complete bricks. You can choose any colour you would like from our range of facing bricks. We will then cut the bricks for you. Try our useful online colour selector and find the perfect brick slip for your project. 

Our cut brick slips

Cut brick slips
Kinder on the environment: ECO brick slips

Kinder on the environment: ECO brick slips

Want to be even more sustainable? Our ECO brick slips (in hand-form or Water-struck variants) are formed and baked in special moulds. This helps to reduce material loss and consumption of raw materials and energy. Discover our range of ECO brick slips and learn more about the unique benefits.

Joints, patterns, and sizes

Jointed, or without joints

Prefer a visible joint? Or something more sleek, with no joints? The choice is yours! The E-Board façade panel has two usable sides. One can be finished with a joint; the other is for a joint-free result. The flat side of the façade panel is known as E-Board ZERO. Designed for minimal joints. You position the brick slips next to and on top of one another with a distance in between of 3 to 4 mm. The result is a pure brick look, just like with bonded brickwork.

Jointed, or without joints

The pattern of your choice

Different brickwork patterns are possible on either side of the E-Board insulation panels. A standard half-brick pattern, random pattern, chain link pattern, stacked pattern.... Prefer a different layer size, combination of brick sizes, or vertical brickwork? Just use the joint-free side of the façade panel. You can easily create any pattern you choose.  

The pattern of your choice

A range of sizes

For a façade renovation, new-build, or transformation, you can choose from 9 sizes of brick slip (length x width x height): 

  • Size M50: 190 x 20 x 50 mm 
  • Size WF: 210 x 20 x 50 mm* 
  • Size DF: 210 x 20 x 65 mm* 
  • Size LF40: 240 x 20 x 40 mm 
  • Size BDF: 240 x 20 x 50 mm 
  • Size HF: 228 x 20 x 40 mm 
  • Size XL40: 290 x 20 x 40 mm 
  • Size XL45: 290 x 20 x 45 mm 

(*) ECO brick slips are only available as WF, DF, and XL40. 

Creative with relief

You can also fit brick slips in relief on the E-Board façade insulation, in all manner of patterns. If you’d like to incorporate a difference in thickness, opt for 2 and 3 cm brick slips. If you’d like a larger difference in thickness, please consult us first. We’d be happy to work with you to find a solution. 

Ceilings and corbelling

  • E-Board offers an interesting solution for finishing ceilings and corbelling. The façade panel allows you to build a lightweight construction with a brick finish.
  • Combine the E-Board façade panel with traditional brickwork for a monolithic whole.
  • Heavy constructions and formwork for integrating complete bricks into a ceiling are unnecessary.
  • Simply attach the E-Board insulation panels directly to the curvature of the ceiling.
  • By playing with the thickness of the insulation, you can adjust the height of the ceiling.  

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