Variations and possibilities with bricks

Whether it’s new-build or renovation, at Vandersanden, you’re certain to find a suitable facing brick for your project, whatever style you may be looking for. You can choose from more than 100 colours in different structures. You can also play with brickwork patterns, sizes, and effects to find what suits you.

Which factors determine the look of your façade?

  1. The colour of the brick.
  2. The visible surface structure of the brick.
  3. The size or sizes of the bricks.
  4. The brickwork pattern.
  5. The colour of the joint (if present).
  6. The type of joint (if present).
  7. Any combinations with other materials.

Colour of the brick

The colour of the brick determines the look of your façade. With bonded brickwork, that colour will almost become the colour of the façade. Want to look for the ideal colour now?

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The surface texture

What types of brick are available? The technique used to produce the facing brick will largely determine the structure of the stone. That structure will give your project its very own character. Will you opt for the grains of hand-form, the fine lines of water-struck, or the sleek form of extruded facing bricks? Our experts would be happy to advise you. 

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Colour of the  brick
The size

The size

The size largely determines the perception of the façade as a brick façade. The larger the size of the brick, the larger the quantity of brick in relation to the joint. The colours in our range of facing bricks are available in a number of sizes.

  • 50 mm (WF50): +/- 210 x 100 x 50 mm 
  • Dik (WF65): +/- 210 x 100 x 65mm
  • BDF: +/- 240 x 110 x 50 mm
  • HF: +/- 228 x 90 x 40 mm
  • RF: +/- 250 x 120 x 65 mm
  • LF40: 240 x 90 x 40 mm
  • Module 50 (M50): +/- 190 x 90 x 50 mm
  • Normal (NF): +/- 240 x 115 x 70 mm
  • WF-7: 210 x 70 x 50 mm
  • XL45: +/- 290 x 65 x 45 mm
  • Zero: +/- 204 x 100 x 50 mm

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The brickwork pattern

The way in which a brick is laid, the pattern, also has a big influence on the look of your façade. A well-considered brickwork pattern gives your project extra aesthetics and character. A half-brick pattern, stacked pattern, block pattern, or random pattern.... You can choose from a range of patterns. See an overview of the possible brickwork patterns and assess their effect. Or combine patterns for an extra creative twist to your façade.  

The joint colour

Prefer traditional brickwork over a bonded effect? Then the joint will play an important role in the end result. Depending on the brick size you choose, your façade could be as much as 10 to 20% joint. So think carefully about the colour of the joint. View the effect of different joint colours here.  

The type of joint

The shape of the joint can also influence the look of a façade. In addition to the height of the joint, its depth is important. The deeper the joint, the more it will disappear into the background. The result? A interplay of shadow between the joint and facing brick, making the colour of the brick more projected.

The brickwork pattern

Joint-free brickwork

If you opt for a sleek brick façade, a joint could be a disruptive factor. More and more clients are choosing joint-free façades. There are three ways of achieving joint-free brickwork:  

  1. Bricklaying with thin mortar 
  2. Bonding facing bricks
  3. Traditional brickwork with ZERO®

Combinations with other materials

Brick can be beautifully combined with other materials, including wood, plaster, concrete, glass, natural stone, metal, and others. Combining sizes, textures, and colours can give your project a truly unique look.

Corners and rounded areas 

Special bricks are a more elegant solution than cutting for corners or rounded areas in brick façades. Their special shape means they offer ample creative opportunity.

Combinations with other materials


Want to give your façade some added pizzazz? Recessed or prominent bricks create relief in an otherwise flat wall. The shadow effect offers more depth to the façade. 

Ceilings and corbelling

Brick that runs into a ceiling? Or in a canopy that seems to flirt with gravity? Our E-Board® system allows you to create constructions that would be difficult, if not impossible, with normal brickwork. For  E-Board panels, we use brick slips made from complete bricks. The result cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork.   

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