Vandersanden to become main shareholder of ceramic specialities factory St. Joris

St. Joris Keramische Industrie is Europe's largest manufacturer of ceramic glazed bricks. In order to guarantee the future plans of the company, St. Joris looked into linking up with a partner with sufficient means and market power, and this is why Vandersanden Group came into the picture.

The traditional brick manufacturer St. Joris

The traditional brick manufacturer St. Joris, located in Limburg, Holland is a European endorsement in highquality glazed bricks in various types, colours and shapes. Over the course of almost a century, the company built up worldwide expertise in the manufacturing of ceramic specialities on the basis of the extremely pure Westerwald clay. Both the bricks and the glazes are manufactured in-house, which guarantees size and colour fastness. During the production process, a close eye is kept on the composition of the clay, the shape of the products and the thickness of the glaze.

The traditional brick manufacturer St. Joris

Majority shareholder in St. Joris

As of 1 January 2020, Vandersanden Group will be majority shareholder in St. Joris. The ceramic specialities company will continue to operate independently, with a future that is guaranteed for current employees. The current range of products will also remain the same.

The takeover is a real asset for Vandersanden Group. "In our view, the products of St. Joris will supplement our existing range which, in combination with Vandersanden's global market reach, is a key to success." says CEO of Vandersanden Jean-Pierre Wuytack. "The love of clay manufacturing and the history and expertise in St. Joris' craftsmanship were the main reasons for me to participate in this venture. We are looking forward to realising St. Joris' ambitions together."

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