The endless uses for brick slips

Want to freshen up your facades with a brick look? Cladding them with brick slips is a great way to complete an impressive makeover. Quick, and without the high costs. You get to decide the look. The options are virtually limitless. Different brickwork patterns, a relief, edgy colour nuances – anything is possible.

Brick slips for every project, no matter the challenge!

Brick slips are easy to combine with an insulating facade system like E-Board®. Insulate your facade and give it at an aesthetically pleasing look at the same time. This way, you gain added comfort and lower energy bills.

Brick slips can be used on all manner of structures and systems, including steel, wood, plaster, etc. Difficult structures can also benefit from the breathtaking look afforded by brick. Take a look at a variety of projects involving brick slips and awaken your inspiration.   

Brick slips offer the versatility for limitless creation with brickwork patterns, and easy-to-achieve combinations with different patterns. 

Considering installing brick slips indoors, perhaps in your living room? Great idea! Our brick slips are also ideal for unique indoor creations.

Our range

Brick slips are suitable for:

  • Cladding for interior and exterior walls in whatever laying pattern, with reliefs, patterns, or different types of brickwork
  • Renovation 
  • Traditional new-build 
  • Timber frame construction 
  • Steel construction 
  • Passive construction 
  • Special brickwork such as cantilevered brickwork, hanging brickwork, curved walls, sloping walls, and special brickwork patterns.  

Further information? See our knowledge and advice articles 

Brick slips are suitable for:

Are brick slips also suitable for your facade?

  • The exterior wall is already insulated  
    •  If your exterior walls are already insulated, you can install brick slips straight on to the exterior facades  . Need more information? Request your technical documentation.    
  • The exterior wall is not yet insulated 
    • Is there a cavity wall?  Then you can fill the cavity wall with cavity wall insulation. You can then affix the brick slips to the facade. 
    • No cavity wall?  Then the insulation is best installed on the exterior. You can affix brick slips to the insulation from outside. This way, you can encase your facade in an insulating skin. Discover our E-Board facade system®, comprising sustainable insulating panels that are simply bolted to your facade. The brick slips are bonded straight onto the panels .  
    • You could remove the cavity, wall&nbsp,;but this will require major renovation work. You then install the insulating panels in place of the cavity. The panels can be finished with brick slips.   

E-Board®, an insulating facade system with brick slips

If you renovate and insulate with E-Board®, your home will be perfectly insulated and have a brand spanking new facade! Renovating your facade brings significant benefits in terms of insulation. 

How? E-Board® is installed as an insulating skin against the existing exterior facade, or as non-cavity insulation against the inner panel. The panels fit together seamlessly thanks to tongue and groove and hook and loop connections. You then bond your chosen brick slips to the panels. The result is a dimensionally stable, watertight, and vapour-permeable system.  

Inspiring projects with E-Board

E-Board®, an insulating facade system with brick slips

E-Board® for renovation

You want to give an older building a new facade . You also want&nbspto boost the insulation value of the building.  

  • Highly insulating system (lambda value: λ = 0.031 W/mK)  

  • Flaws and imperfections in the existing system are eliminated.  

  • No demolition work needed. The panels are installed against the existing facade.  

  • Residents can stay in the building while the work is being carried out. 

Renovate with E-Board®

E-Board® for renovation
E-Board® for new-build

E-Board® for new-build

You want to insulate and finish the facades on your new-build project at the same time.  

  • You can install the insulation straight onto the inner panel.  
  • You need a lighter weight foundation.  
  • Can be used on (almost) any base, including timber frame constructions.   
  • You get a sleek exterior wall and more indoor space.  
  • Compared with a traditional structure, you can install more insulation with the same wall thickness. 
  • You can choose from more than 100 colours and different structures in a range of cut brick slips and ECO brick slips  

Discover new-build projects with E-Board®

E-Board® for projects

Working on a project and looking for a facade system that allows you to finish and insulate your facades at the same time?  

  • A compact building skin that meets energy-performance requirements.  
  • Lightweight structure, no facade supports needed.  
  • Respects the existing building line. 
  • ATG-certified system, watertight, and sustainability tested. 
  • Fire class B-s1, d0 – a very high level. 
  • The system with brick slips can be easily combined with other facade finishes such as plaster or wood. 
  • No facade supports are needed, meaning fewer dilations than with traditional brickwork. 

Example projects

E-Board® for projects

Signa®, a creative facade system with brick slips

Considering a creative pre-fabricated facade design? Signa® is an innovative facade cladding system offering a range of options for pre-fab, high-rise, or other challenging architecture. Signa® comprises a weather-proof Rockpanel® panel with a bonded layer of Vandersanden brick slips in any combination.  

As the architect, you decide the design so that you can give your projects a unique and eye-catching look. Panels are produced and delivered to your site ready to install. Installation is quick, with no need for scaffolding.   

Read more about Signa

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