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At Vandersanden you will find the largest range of clay pavers in Europe. In our modern brickworks in Tolkamer, Spijk, Kessel (NL) and Oberlausitz (DE) we produce pavers in a wide range of formats, colours and finishes.

Our formats

Our formats

The wide range of Vandersanden products offers you a choice of different sizes. Our moulded pavers are available in 10 standard sizes derived from the traditional KF size (206 mm x 102 mm), WF size (206 mm x 51 mm) and DF size (206 mm x 67 mm). In addition, we are the founders of the unique Linge® format (245 mm x 60 mm or 80 mm).  

The Linge wirecut paver offers even more possibilities. It is available as standard in no less than 16 sizes, but we also supply custom-made pavers. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for other sizes? Ask your question. 

Two types: moulded and wirecut

Vandersanden offers two types of durable baked clinkers: moulded mould and string press. The two types differ in production method and therefore have different properties.



The moulded paver gets its shape by pressing clay into moulded trays. The clay is then pressed out of the moulding box. This gives a moulded paver its natural appearance.  

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Two types: moulded and wirecut


The moulded paver is made with a vacuum press that produces a continuous clay beam (the strand). The clay beam is then cut fully automatically into pavers of the desired size. Because of this production method countless variations are possible. Wirecut pavers naturally have a tighter appearance. 

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Sand-covered and unsanded

Just like our moulded pavers, our wirecut bricks are available in sanded or unsanded form. In the past, the moulded paving slabs were always covered with a fine layer of sand so that the clay could easily come out of the mould. The sand adhered to the surface of the moulded brick.

Nowadays there are also other methods to get the pavers out of their shape so that unsanded pavers are also possible. This gives an extra natural and pure character.

Our wirecut pavers are available not only sand-covered and unsanded (smooth), but also planed.

Do I choose sand-covered or unsanded? 

Sand-covered and unsanded
Linge® size

Linge® size

Unique at Vandersanden are the Linge® large-format pavers. With a length of 245 mm they give a public space a slightly different look. Because the pavers are larger than the well-known standard sizes, the streetscape looks calmer. In addition, the Linge® format ensures less maintenance: there are fewer joints.  

About the Linge® size


Climate adaptation is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time. A climate-proof design of public spaces is therefore crucial. With Drainflow® waterproof baked paving, rainwater infiltrates directly into the soil.

This prevents flooded streets and other water nuisance. At the same time, you make no concessions to the streetscape. Our waterproof Drainflow® paving bricks have the same high-quality authentic look as our traditional bricks. 

About Drainflow®



Whether it's about finishing, safety or unique colours. Vandersanden's special pavers give just that little bit extra for a sublime project. The kilns in Tolkamer, Spijk, Kessel and Oberlausitz not only produce regular pavers, but also solutions that make the streetscape even more special. Just as special as the life that will take place on them.

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