Lithium facing bricks

The types of brick for a facade with character

Visualise the ideal façade for your project. The facade is an expression of your taste and style, has that wow factor, and stays beautiful for years. You can do it all with sustainable facing bricks from Vandersanden. A brick, boring? Think again!

Brick: sustainable and inspiring!

Bricks are made from natural raw materials and last for more than 100 years. Thanks to many years of research and development, Vandersanden can now offer you – the builder, renovator, or architect – more opportunity than ever to make your mark.

There are generally 3 types of brick: hand-form, waterstruck, and wirecut bricks. Each has its own look, production process, and properties.

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Antro facing brick
Hand-form bricks – timeless and full of character

Hand-form bricks – timeless and full of character

A hand-form brick has a coarse, grained surface and a characterful, timeless look. The name of the brick is a nod to its erstwhile production method – by hand. A craftsman would have rolled the clay through a carpet of sand, before pressing the sanded clay into a mould. The excess clay would have been removed before the mould was turned over for the unfired brick to be removed from the mould. It is the inserting of the sanded clay that gives the hand-form brick its typical grained structure. Machines have since taken over the hard work, and hand-form bricks can now be produced a little faster.

A special type of hand-form brick is the aged variant. Are you looking for the authentic look of old bricks, perhaps for a country style home? Our expertly produced aged bricks are very similar to reused bricks, but come with a quality guarantee.

Range of hand-form facing bricks

Waterstruck brick – a pure look and fine lines

The waterstruck brick is fairly smooth with a lightly grained texture that is perfect for getting creative with. Water is key to the production process. The clay is not rolled through sand and is instead pressed into the mould without sand. The mould is wetted beforehand, making it easier to release the clay  afterwards. When the formed clay is removed from the mould, the water runs along the surface of the brick, giving it its typical surface structure.

Our waterstruck bricks

Waterstruck brick – a pure look and fine lines
Breslau brick
Wirecut bricks – robust and contemporary

Wirecut bricks – robust and contemporary

Wirecut bricks with a smooth and angular appearance. Special techniques are used for added effects on the visible surfaces of the brick. How are extruded facing bricks made? The clay bar is pressed through a nozzle, thus producing the bar of clay. The bar is then passed by a wire cutter to be cut to size. The nozzle determines the length and width of these modern facing bricks; the wire cutter determines the height. 

Range of wirecut bricks

Various combination options

The colour of the brick is important to the overall look of the façade. But there are also various other factors that determine how a façade will look. Size of the brick, joints, patterns – there are all manner of options.


Billund brick
Various combination options

More than 100 colours

You can choose from more than 100 colours. Get creative with materials and brickwork patterns to make your design even more personal. Curious about the range of bricks, different colours, textures, and sizes?  Discover our range and you’ll be inspired by the many options.

Colour finder

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Selecting the right brick doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Try out the useful online colour selector and discover your favourites. Why not stop by one of our showrooms to view and compare our comprehensive collection of bricks in detail? Still not sure what to choose? 

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