Storing bricks

It’s important to store your bricks correctly. That way, they will not sustain any damage and will be ready for installation. We give you a few pointers.

The right surface and protection

When you receive your packs of bricks, place them on a flat, dry, and clean surface. To make sure that the bricks are not likely to come into contact with any moisture from the surface, you can set them on wooden beams. Always protect them from rain, rising damp, and splashing dirt. If you cover over your packs of bricks, make sure that there is plenty of ventilation between them.

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The right surface and protection

What about the transport film?

Always cut the transport film open along the top of the pack of bricks to prevent condensation from forming inside. You can fully open the transport film on the sides of the packs where they are safe from rain. Once the bricks have been unpacked, you must cover them over if it rains, making sure that there is plenty of ventilation at the bottom of the pallet. This will prevent the bricks from becoming saturated, and keep them workable.  

Protecting brickwork

Protect fresh brickwork at the end of the day with a layer of plastic. This will prevent the brickwork from becoming saturated if it rains. This isn’t an unnecessary luxury – saturated brickwork means an elevated risk of leaching and efflorescence . If the weather is particularly dry and warm, it’s a good idea to moisten the brickwork at the end of the day. This will prevent it from drying out and hardening too quickly, which will make it difficult to adhere. 

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