General properties: Ancona Antica


Clay paving is a natural product with a very low environmental impact throughout the value chain. This is in part because the stones are produced from a renewable raw material, river clay. Its extraction creates new nature and river security. The product has an average lifespan of 125 years and reuse can be as high as 90%. As such, clay pavers fit perfectly into the circular economy.

Production method


As part of this production method, the stones are shaped by a vacuum press. This produces a continuous clay bar by means of wirecutting. The bar is then cut to the desired brick sizes in a fully automatic process. Wirecut bricks are known for their sleek appearance and expressive colours. By contrast, tumbled variants (Antica) have a rustic, nostalgic appearance.


Shade: multi

Base colour: black

Additional colours: blue, brown



On moulded bricks with a sand-covered surface, the colour of the sand determines the appearance, and can include silver sand, red sand, purple sand, or black sand. Over time, the sand will wear and the fragment colour of the brick will come through.

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