Clay paving for all types of public space

Clay paving is one of the most common types of paving material in the Netherlands, and you will find it in any public space. The unique qualities of this sustainable material shine through in any environment.

Shopping and town centre areas

Whether it’s a historical village or town centre  or a state-of-the-art shopping complex, clay paving helps to give a public space a truly inviting feel.

The warm appearance of clay pavers instantly boosts the attractiveness of shopping areas.


Take a look at our projects for inspiring examples.  

Shopping and town centre areas


Squares are the jewels in the crown of public spaces. They are where people come together and meet for a chat and a drink. And a place for markets, fairgrounds, and other community events. Attractive paving helps to underline this important role. Our project overview contains dozens of examples of squares in various patterns and mixtures of colours, from chic and modest to cheerful and colourful.  

Residential areas

It’s nice to come home to an area that has attractive public spaces. They are where we hold community barbecues and teach our children to cycle. Clay pavers give an area more allure than public spaces made only from asphalt and concrete. Take a look at our project page to see the effect that clay paving can have in a residential environment. 

Residential areas
Roads, streets, footpaths, and pavements

Roads, streets, footpaths, and pavements

Pavers help you to create roadways that satisfy functional requirements while providing for streetscapes with high spatial quality. The convenient size of our clay pavers makes it easy to integrate road markings, gutters, and parking spaces in a way that keeps everything looking elegant. You can see the great results in our project overview.

Which brick where?

It’s not only aesthetic considerations that play a part in choosing the right pavers for your public space. You also need to look at functionality, sustainability, and safety. A footpath experiences less strain than a road that also carries freight traffic, which will require a different type of clay paver.

The substrate and laying pattern are also key considerations, and just as important to the lifespan of the paving. Together with the clay pavers themselves, they form a trinity that needs to be kept in good balance.

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