Preventing efflorescence and LGE

Unsightly white spots and residues on new brick buildings that gradually become larger are something we have seen appear more and more often in recent years. The culprits are salt, lime, and gypsum, which are found in today's mortars. How do you deal with this problem? Or even better: how can you prevent it?

Efflorescence in a nutshell

Efflorescence is grey-white hazing that appears on the facade brickwork. The cause? Certain substances in the brickwork are deposited on the surface of the facade during drying after contact with excessive water. There are three types of efflorescence: salt efflorescence, lime wash out (efflorescence), and gypsum efflorescence on the bricks.

What is efflorescence?

Example of facade with late gypsum efflorescence
Efflorescence in a nutshell

Preventive protection with coated bricks

Vandersanden decided to seek the solution in the bricks themselves. The result of years of research in partnership with KU Leuven sounds surprisingly simple: by coating the visible face of the bricks with a water-repellent, environmentally safe product, we largely solve the problem. Vandersanden is the only producer in Europe to offer this solution on such a large scale. Good for you: we do not include the coating in the price, and on top of that you have a 25-year warranty against late gypsum efflorescence. 

Further information

A coated brick has a water-repellent coating
Preventive protection with coated bricks

Removing efflorescence on existing homes

Efflorescence is a purely aesthetic problem, because it in no way affects the quality of the brickwork. But it's a bothersome phenomenon. Fortunately, removing efflorescence is usually  simple: some efflorescence will go away by itself; other types can be rinsed off with a garden hose. Unfortunately, there are also more stubborn types that must be cleaned off mechanically (sandblasting).

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