Park 20|20 is sustainable and social (NL)

Park 20|20 is the first cradle-to-cradle business park in the Netherlands. Park 20|20 is also much more than a business park. The sustainable concept has been applied to create a mixed-use development, where quality of life is paramount.

More than a business park

Designer Sander Rombout of Copijn Tuin- en Landschapsarchitecten tells: ‘Many office parks in the Netherlands are deserted during non-business hours and weekends. At Park 20|20 we want social interaction to come first: in addition to work, it is a place to socialise, relax, and play sports. That's why Park 20|20 includes such amenities as a day nursery, a hotel, and a restaurant with its own greenhouse. There is underground parking, and the space this saves has been landscaped with greenery and water, including a beautiful pond surrounded by natural vegetation.’ 

Liveability first

‘For us as landscape architects, it's special to work in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle philosophy, where reuse of materials has to be considered from the very start, during design. To give an example, trees were planted to dress up the park, which will be relocated as development of the business park progresses.’ The wood used in the plan was also given a second life here. ‘That wood is residual material from the port of Rotterdam. Reuse is, of course, much more sustainable than importing from abroad.’ 

Liveability first

A sustainable paving with fired pavers

‘Clay pavers fit the cradle-to-cradle concept perfectly. It's a high quality material that's produced locally. Pavers are not only long-lasting but also reusable. Moreover, the paving has a smooth, sleek, robust appearance. The camel colour palette fits nicely with the cradle-to-cradle motto: celebrate diversity. 

When reclaimed materials are used there is no escaping variation. We embrace that diversity. We have therefore opted for a blend with a colour gradient from dark to light earth tones, with stark white pavers as illuminating accent. The ridges and the minimal distance between the Vandersanden clay pavers make rainwater management simple. Fired pavers therefore have several benefits that fit perfectly with this innovative plan.’ 

Project information

  • Client: Park 20|20 
  • Design - Copijn Tuin- en Landschapsarchitecten 
  • Contractor: KWS Infra B.V. 
  • Colours: Cammello, Genua, Carrara, Sahara 
  • Size: Dik 65 & LF60/80

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