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Considering a paved path or patio for your garden? Vandersanden has a wide range of clay pavers for any decorative paving project. Whether you decide to opt for sleek lines or a rustic and natural feel for your garden, we have the right paving for every design. See our full range or visit a sales point near you.

Sleek, rustic, or natural

No two bricks are the same. Vandersanden makes clay pavers for every style of garden.

  • If your garden is sleek and modern, then why not choose the Genova or Milano? The Carbona Antica and Lucca Antica would also be the perfect fit.
  • Our tumbled Antica range is the perfect way to create a rustic atmosphere.
  • For more of a natural look, why not opt for our moulded bricks. Their unique spacers given them added permeability to water. A great way to give nature a helping hand. You can create even more of a natural look with a sand-coated brick. 

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Garden pavers from Vandersanden are available in a range of different sizes. Our elegant Waal type pavers (204x50mm) have a more slender shape than the more traditional Dik size (204x67mm) or robust Kei size (200x100mm).

Laying a driveway for your car? Make sure that you choose an appropriate paving pattern. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks for laying paving. 

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Our pavers are made from clay – there are no artificial additives. This gives our bricks a warm, authentic colour, which will only improve over time.

Decorative paving from clay pavers will bring you many years of enjoyment. The range comprises various natural tints with blue, purple, red, and black nuances. You can also opt to combine colours. 

Some examples


Clay stacking blocks

For a stylish finish to the edge of a pond or raised border, you could consider Blocco Bordano clay stacking blocks. Clay stacking blocks from Vandersanden are made from extremely solid material with a very long lifespan.

The Blocco Bordano is colourfast. The blocks are easy to work with and clean and can also be combined with tiles and clay pavers. 

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