A new lease of life for the neighbourhood

The Operaplein neighbourhood has been considerably revitalised over recent years. Rooseveltplaats forms part of the neighbourhood’s plan for the future, and will exemplify innovative urban regeneration. The location is the ideal spot for student housing: close to the city centre and station, and walking distance from the various campuses. The architects, LSIE, designed a contemporary building with an urban feel that fits in with this vision of the future.

Playing with relief

The designers opted for a future-proof approach, not only for aesthetic purposes but also technically. Of course, today’s energy standards for buildings apply, but Urbicoon took things one step further. The contractor opted for a sustainable and flexible solution that can potentially be converted for a new use later on. Thanks to prefab timber-frame panels from Machiels Building Solutions, finished with Signa panels by Vandersanden, the building is flexible, and in the future its purpose can easily be changed. The façade panels can be replaced with little effort, in order to comply with future energy requirements. LSIE, in conjunction with Vandersanden, designed an apparently random pattern for the Signa panels. By playing with relief and different formats, the façade has a natural look, in stark contrast with the glass work.

Ready-made for the site

What is special about this procedure is that the Signa panels were ready-fitted on the timber-frame panels in the factory. Vandersanden delivered the customised ventilated brick panels, and then they were ingeniously fitted by MBS on the timber-frame walls. Next, MBS built the exterior aluminium joinery with window frames. The result was a fully finished panel, which was transported in its entirety to the site. It took less than two weeks for MBS to complete the front and back façade of the building, without any scaffolding needed. And the building has eight floors. The fast turnaround time certainly has its advantages: less disruption for neighbours, guaranteed quality and a perfect thermal, watertight and airtight shell.

Ready-made for the site

Moving with the times,
today and tomorrow

The ‘Roosevelt Square’ student complex was built in an innovative and exceptionally efficient way thanks to the Signa panels, without sacrificing creativity. It is a harmonious building that fits in with the vision of the future. The prefab panels mean that the façade can be adapted in the future with little difficulty. As a result, Rooseveltplaats gets a sustainable architectural building that moves effortlessly with the times.

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