Masonry with Zero® bricks

If you choose the pure effect of brick, the joints are a disturbing element. More and more house builders prefer joint free facades. By choosing Zero you create this effect in a traditional way.

Your benefits with Zero

  • Money and time saving as there is no need to place scaffolding for joint work. You will need more bricks, approximately 90 per sqm.
  • Your joint-free facade can be laid traditionally using a trowel and mortar. So you do not need any special tools.
  • A typical upward positioning of the brick ensures that no excess mortar can drip down to mark the brickwork.
  • A clean facade for longer, because facing brick holds on to less dirt than a joint.
  • Thin, open perpends ensure excellent cavity wall ventilation and prevent insect nests from bees and wasps etc.
  • Pure, flawless brick facade with a modern look, in which the colour of the bricks is not affected by the colour of the joints.
  • Results immediately visible.

Zero has 1 size: +/- 204 x 100 x 50 mm.

View the Zero colour range

Your benefits with Zero


Do I need to use specific mortar for Zero?

Yes, you do. The mortar should guarantee the best adhesion possible. Always use a custom, prefabricated mortar with improved bonding, which is suitable to use on moderately to highly absorbent bricks. Different mortar manufacturers have specific mortars for this type of brickwork. You can also choose from an array of colours. Do you want to know more about this type of mortar? A building material supplier near you can give you more information.

How much mortar do I need?

Depending on the processor you will need approximately 35-45 kg/m².

Is it best to use coloured mortar?

Yes. When done correctly, less Zero masonry mortar is visible. To ensure a uniform effect, you are advised to choose a tone-on-tone coloured mortar, such as red mortar to go with a red brick. You can also opt for a dark mortar to strengthen the shadow effect of the joint. Many manufacturers of mortar offer coloured mortars, especially for joint-free brickwork.

Is it true that with Zero it is more likely that insects such as bees or wasps will come in through the open perpends to nest in the cavity?

No, on the contrary. The open perpends have a width of only 4 mm, which is far too narrow for these insects. Moreover, they do not like an open and ventilated environment.

Can rain seep in through the open perpends? 

No, a jointless facade keeps out the rain as efficiently as a wall with joints. Several tests have shown that open joints of 4 mm do not let through any rain. Due to their porous structure, the facing bricks also absorb the rainwater. And because of their open structure, the bricks also dry faster. 

Do I need more bricks per square meter?

Yes. The bricks in joint-free brickwork play a more important role. The joints are narrower and the lengthwise dimension of the brick is adjusted. You would need approximately 90 stones per sqm.

What colours can I choose from in the Zero size?

Zero is available in 10 colours. View the colour range. Depending on the size of your project, we can discuss the delivery of other colours than those in the Vandersanden range. 


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