Garden pavers in different sizes

Clay pavers a great way to lay a driveway, terrace, or garden path in whatever pattern or shape you choose. The handy size of our clay pavers makes it easy to be creative in the design of your decorative paving.

Vandersanden’s range comprises three different sizes – the traditional 50 mm size, the dik size, and the robust kei size. You can also choose from moulded and extruded types and a wide range of colours

Our sizes


Dimensions in mm


Production method

50 mm size 65

L 204 x W 50 x H 67



50 mm size 85

L 206 x W 51 x H 85



Dik size 65

L 204 x W 67 x H 67



Dik size 85

L 206 x W 67 x H 85



Kei size*

L 200 x W 100 x H 52



* Ferrara, Genova, and Milano garden pavers are only available in kei size.

Also for your driveway

From the patio to the driveway, Vandersanden has the right size of paver for any garden paving. This makes laying your own paving a real possibility. Paving your driveway? A 52 or 65 mm high paver is an ideal size for you. Rock-hard and extremely strong, they are hard fired to ensure that they can easily withstand the weight of a car driving over them. More importantly, you must ensure that the foundation under your paving is strong enough to prevent tracks from forming and subsidence.

Water-permeable paving

If you want your garden to be able to cope with increasingly heavy rainfall, then you should opt for moulded pavers with spacers. The spacers ensure a joint of approx. 3 mm between pavers, allowing the rainwater to run away easily. Moreover, the spacers help to ensure attractive, straight lines in your decorative paving. Combine with a water-permeable mortar, and you can also make sure that weeds are kept at bay. 

Water-permeable paving

Sizes of decorative paving from Vandersanden

  • 50 mm, dik, or kei 
  • Small dimensions, practical application 
  • Handy and lightweight 
  • Choice of a range of laying patterns 
  • Also combine different colours 

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