Garden inspiration

Imagine that you have a beautiful home but no idea where to start with the garden. Or perhaps you’re sitting looking out at your old garden and want to completely transform it. You can find inspiration in all sorts of places. Start your search here.

The live-in garden is an extension of your home

If you want to lounge, cook, or relax in a hot tub, then home and living magazines are a good place to find inspiration. DIY warehouses and large garden centres are also a good place to look when designing a stylish live-in garden. They also allow you to see the effect of paving on the feel and experience of your garden. 

Everything you need to know about garden paving

The natural garden

Want to bring nature closer to home? Create a green oasis using natural planting. For a natural garden, head to a nursery for ideas. Or visit a botanical garden or arboretum and discover new and unique ways of planting.

The natural garden

Example gardens

To compare different types of garden, why not visit a home or garden fair? They give you a good and clear idea of all the latest trends and innovations. Fancy seeing what the neighbours have done? A recurring event is the annual open garden weekend in June, when private homes open up their gardens to the public. For truly unusual example gardens, the Tuinen Van Appeltern are highly recommended. 

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