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Vandersanden is not only a constructive partner when it comes to bricks. There are also other possibilities for a brick facade, such as a construction with E-Board® facade insulation or Signa® curtain wall systems. And we are here for you if you need advice or want us to share some of our knowledge.

Preventive protection with coated bricks

When you build a project, you always intend for it to continue to look as good in the long term as it does at the beginning. White deposits from salt and limescale can spoil the look, just like green deposits and soiling from the weather. The solution to this phenomenon is the coated brick.

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Vandersanden strives to be the most customer-oriented company in the sector in terms of expertise and knowledge sharing. We make good on this promise in various ways, such as advising and supporting customers on and with the selection and installation of our products. Training courses and sessions are offered through the Vandersanden Academy. We also organise visits, workshops, and seminars so that everyone can get to know Vandersanden.

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E-Board woning

‘Installing E-Board goes a lot faster than traditional, vertical masonry. The contractor mixes adhesive rather than mortar. And there is no need to install any additional systems; the foundation system is light and no hanging system is required. The contractor who installed the E-Board facade system for me normally lays floors. But the job went smoothly. As if he were tiling a shower.’

Pascal Monballiu

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