Edging with sawn edging bricks

You can create a sleek and sustainable finish for your street profile with sawn edging bricks by Vandersanden. We supply a wide range of sawn bricks and edging bricks to create elegant edging, whichever laying pattern you choose. Sawn bricks are available for both moulded and extruded variants.

The benefits of edging with sawn edging bricks

Sawn edging bricks have a great many benefits over trimming on site. They give your streetscape a sleek finish, and fit neatly along the edges, helping to prolong the lifespan of your paving. You also avoid off-cuts, and save bricklayers a whole host of additional work. Our edging bricks are available for all sizes of paver. We saw the bricks to size in advance, and we can deliver them together with the rest of your paving products, allowing you to lay them immediately. This not only saves time, but is also cost effective. Edging bricks can also be reused.

In a nutshell:

  • Sustainable and attractive: good edging, sleek finish
  • Efficient sawing, no or hardly any waste
  • No sawing or trimming needed on site
  • Perfect for reuse  
The benefits of edging with sawn edging bricks

Edging – more possibilities

In the Netherlands, specifications are compiled that usually comply with the RAW specification system. Under this system , contractors are not permitted to use edging bricks that are smaller than a half brick in size. This guideline ensures the stability of the paving. Clients sometimes permit the use of smaller edging bricks , provided that they have been fabricated or sawn. For instance, the use of 1/3 edging bricks  allows for alternative edging, facilitating more efficient use of the pavers. As there is no waste, as sawn pieces are never thrown away, this represents a sustainable solution that brings with it added cost benefits.  

Different edging is available depending on the paving pattern – at Vandersanden, we are happy to work with you to identify a solution. We supply sawn edging bricks in a wide range of shapes and sizes, whether or not in accordance with the RAW system.

Edging – more possibilities

Useful drawings

We have produced edging drawings for different sizes and laying patterns. In accordance with the RAW system and a sustainable alternative. Seethe options, as well as the number of edging bricks needed per square metre  in our overview.

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Useful drawings

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