Do brick slips offer the same quality as bricks?

Bricks are known as a sustainable, low-maintenance, high-quality product. As everyone knows, bricks are very sturdy. But does that also apply to brick slips? Do they have the same characteristics in terms of quality?

Strict quality standards

At Vandersanden we test every brick that goes into production. After all, our bricks must comply with strict standards and regulations, including the Belgian Benor and European CE standards. We follow them closely, which enables us to guarantee the strength and quality of our facing bricks. 

Mix Brabant and Boston facing brick
Strict quality standards

What about brick slips? 

A brick slip is usually a 2 cm thick slice, sawn from a brick. Because we saw the strip directly from the brick, the qualitative characteristics of the brick are largely retained. For example, a brick slip is just as freeze-resistant as a brick and has the same compressive strength. 

Our range

Brick slips have no load-bearing function

Due to their limited thickness, brick slips cannot perform any load-bearing function. The applications of facing bricks and brick slips are therefore completely different. Unlike bricks, brick slips are not laid with mortar or bonded together. Brick slips are adhesively bonded to an insulating board (e.g. facade insulation system E-Board®), a wall or other substrate with a flexible, freeze-resistant cement adhesive.

Brick slips in combination with E-Board

ECO brick slips for a sustainable future

Besides sawn brick slips, we have ECO brick slips in our product range. These are not cut from full bricks but rather formed in special moulds and fired as slips. This helps to reduce material loss and consumption of raw materials and energy. These brick slips are designed to have the same qualitative characteristics as ordinary bricks. 

Range of ECO brick slips

ECO brick slips for a sustainable future

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