Coated bricks for preventive protection

If you're going to build or renovate with bricks, then choose bricks by Vandersanden. These are the only bricks on the market that are protected against white spots and residue with a 25-year warranty against lime staining.

Together for sustainably attractive facades

When you design a project and build it or have it built, you always intend for it to continue to look as good in the long term as it does at the beginning. But white deposits from salt and limescale can spoil the look of the facades, just like green deposits and soiling from the weather. The solution to this phenomenon is Vandersanden's coated brick.

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What are coated bricks?

White deposits are largely caused by the efflorescence of substances in mortars and jointing compounds. When it rains, a brick absorbs not only water but also substances from the mortar. When the brick dries again, these substances are deposited on the visible face, resulting in an unsightly facade appearance. Vandersanden has been involved in the ongoing development of a solution for this, in collaboration with KU Leuven.

By coating bricks with a special, environmentally friendly liquid after the firing process, we can make them water-repellent. The four visible faces of the bricks are treated with a water-repellent layer. It has a penetration depth of approximately 5-15 mm. We do not coat the laying faces (top and bottom) of the brick, so the stone can be installed in the traditional way, with existing mortars. Important: the bricks remain vapour permeable. They breathe, just like Gore-Tex. Would you like to know more? 

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What are coated bricks?
Basic mechanism of efflorescence
Basismechanisme uitbloei

25-year warranty on lime staining and numerous other benefits

With coated bricks, you can be sure that no lime staining will occur and that your facade is also better protected against other forms of contamination and efflorescence. Do you know these five important properties?

  1. Your facade will look great for years to come,  and you get a 25-year warranty against lime staining.
  2. A coated brick retains its original appearance in terms of colour, size, and structure. 
  3. The open pores of a brick are maintained and freeze-resistance is ensured. Moisture in the core of the brick can escape through the laying faces and through evaporation along the coated visible faces.
  4. The coated visible face remains dry, so contaminants don't stick as easily.

As of 2020, Vandersanden coats all bricks that are sensitive to efflorescence and lime staining. Bricks produced before 2020 were not coated.

No coated bricks?

If you are nevertheless considering non-coated bricks, think carefully: 

  • Cleaning your facade afterwards, when efflorescence and lime staining occur, is often very laborious. 
  • Cleaning a facade is quite expensive. 
  • The expertise for cleaning your facade is scarce (e.g. the re-tinting of your bricks after mechanical cleaning). 
  • You can never be sure of a complete cleaning. 
No coated bricks?

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