Climate-proof paving with Drainflow®

Climate adaptation is perhaps the greatest challenge of our times. Extreme drought and heat are increasingly common, as is heavy rainfall. Ensuring climate resistance when designing public spaces is of critical importance.

No compromises in the streetscape

With Drainflow® water-permeable clay paving, the rainwater infiltrates into the soil during heavy showers. This prevents streets from flooding, and avoids other water-related problems. And you can do it without having to make concessions on the streetscape. Out water-permeable Drainflow® pavers have the same high-quality, authentic appearance as our traditional bricks.

The benefits of Drainflow®

  • Water-permeable paving with sustainable pavers 
  • Decouple rainwater directly into the ground, a win-win situation 
  • Complete design freedom, no obligations of an overall concept 
  • Sound advice on the structure and maintenance of the system 
  • An authentic and high-quality streetscape, without gullies and gutters 
Drainflow® in Kasteeltuin Zevenbergen
The benefits of Drainflow®

The City of Apeldoorn has a policy for decoupling rainwater from the sewer. Due to a lack of space below the ground at Vogelbuurt, we worked with Vandersanden to find a solution using water-permeable paving. This proved to be quite impressive, both in technical and economic terms. It allowed us to stay true to our principle of having a high-quality streetscape in Apeldoorn, using clay paving 

John Assink
Purchaser for the City of Apeldoorn

A solution for every adaptive challenge

You can choose from two sizes of Drainflow® water-permeable pavers. There’s a solution for every application, Whether a square, street, roadway, or pavement.

  50 mm 80 Drainflow® Kei size 80 Drainflow®
Features without chamfer,  spacers at the sides with chamfer,  two end recesses
Dimensions approx. L 206 x W 67 x H 80 mm L 210 x W 104 x H 80 mm
Number of m² stones approx. 67 46
Weight kg/item approx. 2.30 3.50
Mechanical laying Yes Yes


Natural colours

Drainflow® water-permeable pavers are available in more than ten sand-coated moulded colours. The stones are supplied in trusted A4-12 quality.

Find you Drainflow® colour

Interesting reference: Kasteeltuin Zevenbergen

Part of Zevenbergen’s historic centre redevelopment included the creation of a new car park in the former castle garden. Drainflow® clay paving, which is permeable to water, meant that no gutters or gullies needed to be installed. All rainwater is stored locally. Read about the choice that the City made. 

City of Moerdijk opts for  Drainflow®

Interesting reference: Kasteeltuin Zevenbergen

Bespoke advice

Every public space is unique and demands a bespoke solution. To make a well-considered decision, it’s important that you understand the current situation and where you are heading. Looking to decouple? If you’re eager to infiltrate water into the soil or buffer it for delayed drainage, or would like gullies to be part of your streetscape, we would be happy to advise you on foundations, street layers, and joint filling, but also on a management and maintenance plan that will keep your paving water-permeable into the future.

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