Cleaning clay pavers the environmentally friendly way

A garden path or patio of clay pavers looks authentic and chic. At the same time, they are surprisingly kind on the environment. A bucket of water and a brush are all that you need to keep your pavers in good shape.

Quality pays for itself

If you opt for a high-quality material such as clay pavers, your investment will be quickly paid pack. You can enjoy your patio or garden path without having to worry too much about maintenance. Clay pavers are extremely hard and absorb very little water. As such, they won't break in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, moss, algae, and dirt won't adhere to the stone. Green deposits may form in the winter months due to shade, moisture, and low temperatures. Green deposits are easy to remove,  with no need for any chemical cleaners. A bucket of water and a good brush are all that are needed to remove the dirt. We discourage use of high-pressure cleaners, as they can open up small pores in the paving. This in turn promotes moss and algae. 

The benefits of decorative clay paving

Quality pays for itself

Easy, environmentally friendly garden maintenance

A bucket of water and a good brush are sufficient for maintaining the clay pavers in your garden. You will, of course, have to remove the weeds from between the pavers every so often. Since 2016 , businesses and organisations have been prohibited from using chemical weed management products. 

Private individuals are also strongly discouraged from using chemicals, as they are harmful to the environment and to health. Regularly plucking out weeds by hand is therefore the best way to stay on top of the problem. If you do a little here and there, you will never become overwhelmed. A beautiful patio and  a nice garden are easier to maintain that you might think. For a little added convenience, a patio knife may be useful. Avoid using a wire brush, as these can cause ugly cracks in clay pavers. 

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