A canopy over your garden

A canopy over your garden can enhance the usability of your garden enormously and protect against wind and rain, as well as the sun on a warm day. This means that you can sit outside, play, or eat more frequently and for longer.

Design and materials

A canopy is really a transition zone from inside to outside and vice versa. A canopy is usually attached to the home or to a garage, but can of course be freestanding. The opportunities are endless. It could be a wooden veranda, a brick patio canopy, or something made of plastic or aluminium! There are numerous options when it comes to design and materials, from classic to modern. There is a wide range of prefab garden canopies, but you can also create your own, or have an architect do it for you. 

Outdoor living

By using an atmospheric design, a canopy can be transformed into a second living room. Create a seating area with a comfortable lounge set. If you have the space , don’t forget to include a table to dine at. Add plants in pots or a border around the edge of the patio canopy. By its very nature, a canopy is perfect for climbing plants, such as the honeysuckle, wisteria, or grapevine. In addition, a canopy can be fitted with lighting and other accessories. Opt for colourful decorative paving under the canopy, perhaps with clay pavers from Vandersanden.  

Our range

Outdoor living

Outdoor kitchen or barbecue

Outdoor kitchens are gaining ground in northern Europe and are perfect for under a canopy. You can choose a simple barbecue or fire basket. With a chimney or flue, you can even install a brick oven or open fire to make your outdoor living more complete.  

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