Bridge and square in one

Amsterdam’s Lex van Deldenbrug is both a bridge and a square. Dok architects designed the striking bridge over the Boelegracht using clay pavers with yellow/brown tints.

Lex van Deldenbrug
Zuidas, Amsterdam 

Liesbeth van de Pol, architect at Dok, wanted the Lex van Deldenbrug to be a place where people could not only walk and cycle, but stop and take in everything going on around them. She drew her inspiration from the Torensluisbrug over Het Singel in Amsterdam’s city centre. 

The Torensluisbrug is both a bridge and square at the same time. To create the same effect, the Lex van Deldenbrug is roughly the same length (26.5 m) and width (24 m). Colourful pavers in a striking pattern help achieve the rest. 

Clay pavers in warm yellow/brown tints

For the bridge’s paving, the architect opted for pavers in warm yellow/brown tints, which match well with the Symphony towers nearby. The red/orange colour of the Rivièra paver helps to create a clear boundary with the cycle lane. Rush-hour traffic along the cycle lane over the bridge is heavy, so LED lighting has been integrated into the specially designed high edges along the bridge for added safety. Plus, it also helps to create atmosphere . The bridge facilitates traffic while also acting as a hotspot.  

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Clay pavers in warm yellow/brown tints

Project information

  • Location - Lex van Deldenbrug, Amsterdam
  • Project - Public pavers
  • Year of completion- 2014
  • Products used - Limousin DF85, Rivièra DF85

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