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Bricks are the business card for your architecture. The texture, the colour, the finish... You get to decide the character and feel of every project. That’s why at Vandersanden, we have a vast selection so that you can build in any style you choose. Your creation with our inspiration. Vandersanden has the right facing brick for every desire.

The right facing brick for you

Not yet sure what colour facing brick to opt for? Or perhaps you have something in mind and want to look at the range in more detail. Our colour selector allows you to quickly and easily pick from the range – not just colour, but style and texture as well. 

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The right facing brick for you
Why brick?

Why brick?

Bricks are a familiar and popular construction material thanks to their many unique yet obvious characteristics. The warmth, robust nature, character, and varied options make bricks a perfect finish for any architecture. 

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Variations and options

The look of your facade is determined not only by the colour of the facing brick but by the joint, surface texture of the brick, the laying pattern, and the size.

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 Variations and options
Types of facing brick

Types of facing brick

Countless brick variations are possible, but we roughly distinguish three main categories:

  • Hand-form
  • Water-struck
  • Extruded 

Interested in the features and how they are made?

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The finish changes the appearance

Each facing brick is produced in a unique way. After bringing the raw materials together, the lumps of clay are shaped to the desired sizes and then fired. By way of a finishing touch, they are then finished off to give them the look that you see in the complete product.

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The finish changes the appearance
Cedric en Mélanie.png

Our brick was a perfect match – with exactly the look that we had in mind.

Cédric and Melanie

Sustainably attractive facades

By treating facing bricks with a special liquid after the baking process, we can make them water-repellent. The result? A sustainably attractive facade that is better protected from all kinds of soiling. Nearly all of our facing bricks come with this water-repellent layer.

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Sustainably attractive facades

Our passion for brick

We believe in diversity. More than 100 unique facing bricks, each with its own spirit, look, and feel.

As a family company, we maintain standards and values that keep our clients front and centre. We are extremely excited to be the building block for achievements that are much more than just a home, apartment, or building. Bricks are our passion. 

Vandersanden is your source of inspiration. 

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