The benefits of clay pavers in public spaces 

Clay pavers offer many positive features. Clay paving gives public spaces a warm, authentic look. Clay pavers are also sustainable and can be reused. The versatility and ease of use offered by clay pavers make them one of the most popular paving materials in the Netherlands.

An atmospheric public space

Dutch towns and villages have long stood out for the inviting, charming look of their bricks. With several major rivers flowing through the country, clay has always been one of the easiest construction materials to get hold of.

Countless monuments and historical town and village centres are formed from brick. Clay brick paving offers a seamless way to complete the space. It helps to give public spaces a timeless, high-quality feel in which visitors can feel completely at home.

Some examples

A sustainable choice

From extraction of the clay to management of public spaces – clay paving has a low environmental impact throughout the value chain. It starts with the raw material – the clay – and  the new biodiversity that its extraction helps to create. Since the year 2000, we’ve been able to add more than 1800 hectares of new natural spaces through this process. River clay is also designated as a renewable raw material.  And what about its lifecycle and reusability?

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Endless possibilities

The convenient size of paving bricks offers endless variation. You could opt for a traditional laying pattern for more authenticity or choose unusual patterns and combinations of colours. Clay paving is also well suited to more expressive design.

Create your own colour mix for subtle or eclectic accents. At Vandersanden, we can machine mix multiple colours of paver.

Endless possibilities


Sooner or later, every public space will need to be dug up. Perhaps the sewers underneath will need to be replaced, or a fibre optic cable will need to be laid. The transition from natural gas to renewable heat sources will also require major adaptations to the subterranean infrastructure.

Clay paving will help to make sure that you are well prepared. Compared with other surface types, clay pavers are easy to remove and can be reused. Their unparalleled lifespan of 125 years on average also means that they are built to last.

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Vandersanden has Europe’s largest range of pavers. Our product finder can give you a clear overview. We are also happy to work with you to find solutions for special applications and technical innovations.

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