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As an architect, you seek structures, textures, and materials that ensure your design reflects your vision. Your client's wishes and your creativity synergistically form a masterful recipe for an architectural project. Vandersanden is happy to help you bring those ideas to life.

Preventive protection with coated bricks

When you design a project, you always intend for it to continue to look as good in the long term as it does at the beginning. White deposits from salt and limescale can spoil the look, just like green deposits and soiling from the weather. The solution to this phenomenon is the coated brick.

Coated bricks


Finishing of our bricks

Every brick is created in its own unique way. After the raw materials have been mixed, the balls of clay are formed into the desired sizes and then fired. Finally, a range of finishing options are available. This gives you exactly the look you have in mind.

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Finishing of our bricks
Dana Ponec en Katja de Winter

We design in and with society. We unite interests. Working together leads to the best solutions.

Dana Ponec and Katja de Winter
Spatial designers

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