Acquisition Hoskins Brick

We have entered into an agreement with our UK-partner Hoskins Brick to be acquired by Vandersanden Group.

The UK market

Vandersanden Group has been active in the UK for more than 20 years and Hoskins Brick has always been its chosen business partner. Therefore, with the imminent retirement of Alan Hoskins’ and the desire of Rob Hoskins to undertake new challenges and projects, the time is right for both parties to enter into an acquisition agreement. When we also take into account the company’s strong market knowledge, logistics and highly motivated staff, we feel this is a beneficial decision for everyone.

The UK market

Beneficial decision for everyone

With both companies being family-owned, we have the same instinctive values and philosophy for doing business.   Vandersanden has a strong focus on customer service and believes in the importance of good customer relations.

By this acquisition, Vandersanden Group can ensure that UK clients will still be able to rely on the same personal working relationships they have had in the past. Vandersanden will continue to supply through the existing merchant distributor network. We will still be presented by the same people and can depend on the same high quality service.  We will respect all trading relations, moreover we will invest in improving our levels of business with all our partners.

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