3 most commonly asked questions about brick slips

Brick slips are bricks that are approximately 2 cm thick. What benefits do they offer? Are they strong enough? Which brick slips are the most sustainable? We answer the three most commonly asked questions about brick slips.

Question 1: What are the benefits of brick slips?

  • Brick slips are super space-saving and are a great way to give an existing facade a new look.
  • Even when fitted to interior walls, you lose less valuable space. Once the brick slips have been jointed, they cannot be distinguished from traditional brick walls.
  • When placed on the external facade, the detailing of your windows and doors remains unchanged. This means no alteration costs.
  • Our range of brick slip sizes offers the same choice of as our range of bricks. Sizes vary from a length of 19 to 24 cm and a height of between 4 and 6.5 cm.
  • In addition to flat strips, we also offer corner slips for the perfect finish to windows, doors, and walls.

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Question 2: Do brick slips have the same quality as full bricks?

Brick and quality go hand in hand. Every brick is tested and satisfies strict Belgian BEnor and European CE standards. A brick slips is a 2 cm thick sliver of brick, giving it the same high-quality properties as a brick. Brick slips are just as resistant to frost as bricks.

In contrast to brick, brick slips are laid in the same way as a traditional wall, but then bonded with a flexible and frost-resistant cement adhesive to an insulation plate or existing wall. They can then be jointed, just as with a standard wall.

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Question 2: Do brick slips have the same quality as full bricks?

Question 3: Which brick slips are the most sustainable?

Covering a facade with cut brick slips is a sustainable and ecological alternative to using traditional bricks. You can finish the same surface area with the same number of bricks, but leave yourself more space for insulation. You can go the even more environmentally-friendly route by opting for ECO brick slips.

ECO brick slips are not cut from full bricks, but moulded and fired as slips. This helps to reduce material loss and consumption of raw materials and energy.

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The conclusion?

The conclusion?

Brick slips offer creative freedom when it comes to construction and renovation. They can be combined easily with traditional bricks, but also with insulation, such as E-Board. By doing this, you can insulate your external wall and at the same time give your facade a new look. Brick slips are also ideal for ceiling coverings and corbelling. Plus, they offer a solution for problems that constructors and renovators regularly have to face. Brick slips also offer as much choice in terms of colour and size as regular bricks. ECO brick slips are the most sustainable option. It’s a three-way win: ecologically, aesthetically, and financially.

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