At Vandersanden, we truly value innovation and collaboration with partners in the chain. Signa is a great example of unrivaled freedom for architects and a desire to collaborate for contractors. The facade system has been awarded the prestigious international A’Design Award.

Collaboration for unique results

Signa is a co-creation between an architect, the contractor, and the end customer. Each party prioritises a different requirement in the development of a construction project: the design, the feasibility of the design in practice, the speed of delivery, the aesthetic added value. All of these requirements are given equal weighting in the decision-making process. Signa responds to the vision of each party to develop a unique facade system that can be installed without the need for scaffolding. The wonderful thing about Signa is the freedom and creativity it gives the architect in terms of the appearance of the brickwork. We have succeeded in developing a production process that can engineer the complete facade of a building into unique pre-fabricated elements.

Uses of Signa

The ultimate creation: Saxion Academy Enschede

In addition to its speed of installation, Signa also offers unrivalled freedom to architects. The single principle in the pattern design used in the panels at  Saxion Hogeschool was textile. This facade resurrects the zig-zag lines of a material that was once made in Enschede. The building is proof, if ever it were needed, of the power of co-creation between architect, contractor, and supplier. 

Vandersanden has an increasingly advisory role. The greatest benefit of this pre-fabricated system is the reduced need for storage space as we deliver just-in-time facade elements. Installation can also be carried out quickly. Where you have a concrete facade in the morning, it can be a complete facade by the afternoon. Great to see! 

Victor Albers

Technical support

Vandersanden boasts a team of experienced engineers and technical experts to produce and check the prefabricated panels. All of this is carried out under strict conditions. This helps to ensure quality.  Better still – it comes with a ten-year warranty label.

Plus, you can always count on us for technical support. 

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