Using Signa®

Looking to design and create a brick pattern for a façade? Signa gives the freedom to tell a visual story. This facing brick comprises a pre-fabricated façade panel covered with sustainable brick slips. The panels can be used for new-build, renovation, and pre-fabrication projects.

Create your pattern, push our limits

With this statement, we challenge architects to create particularly unimaginable patterns using ceramic products.

The principle is simple enough – the architect designs their brickwork pattern and we produce it for you as ready-to-install façade panels with brick slips. With it, you can create a truly unique building appearance with a low-maintenance, sustainable façade.  

Complex façades, quick and efficient construction

The Signa curtain wall system is now a smart pre-fabricated solution for a wide range of construction projects with challenging principles.

  • Limited space on the construction site?
  • Too few bricklayers?
  • Construction and delivery in a hurry?
  • Need to reduce failure costs?
  • Want an aesthetic building with unusual brickwork patterns and the appearance of a ceramic façade?

Signa® offers a solution. 

The Signa® façade system is quick and easy to install. If construction needs to be completed in a hurry, full bricks are not always an option. Thankfully, you can have the authentic appearance of brick with the Signa® façade panel. In addition, these prefabricated elements are also a useful way to accelerate construction. 

Complex façades, quick and efficient construction
Together, we create

Together, we create

Signa® is synonymous with pure co-creation. Co-creation between the architect and the producer of the façade, but also the supplier of the support structure, the client, and the contractor. Your job as an architect is to be inspired... Our work is to shape your vision into a feasible façade system.

To make this a reality, Vandersanden has ample internal architectural and technical expertise. Our prefabricated panels are produced with continuous monitoring in controlled conditions. It’s why we can offer a ten-year warranty on our products. You can also count on us on-site with our technical support.

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