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Signa® offers unrivalled freedom of design and technical opportunities for your project. The product comprises weatherproof Rockpanel® panels that are secured to a supporting structure of your choice. Our technical advisors will work with you to determine the most suitable combination.

Brick sizes and brickwork patterns

We bond your composition of brick slips to stable and weatherproof Rockpanel facade panels. You can use the side, the end, or the base of all Vandersanden brick sizes.

Which brick matches your project the best?

You could opt for a familiar laying pattern or design your own combinations of patterns. The variable colour choices, relief, size, and patterning mean that millions of combinations are possible for almost unlimited design freedom.  

Inspiration for brickwork patterns

Brick sizes and brickwork patterns

Ultra-thin gaps

The gaps between the brick slips on the Signa® facade panel are just 3 to 4 mm wide and left unfilled. Over time, the light-brown Rockpanel will turn dark brown in colour, so the background will blend in well. If necessary, you can treat the panels with a black primer, which will prevent the thin gaps from standing out.  


Ultra-thin gaps

Straight to your site, ready to install

We fit the brick slips to the Rockpanel panels in our plant. We then deliver the finished facade panels to your site, ready for installation. Once there, the facade constructor can simply fit the pre-fabricated panels to the supporting structure, whether that’s an aluminium frame, galvanised steel, or wood.  

Underlying supporting structure

You can choose from a range of supporting structures. The most suitable supporting structure for the facade builder to use depends on factors such as the weight of the Signa® panels, the structure, and the geographical location of the building. We would be happy to work with you to determine the ideal structure for your project.

Easy installation

How is installation carried out? The fitter installs the supporting L holder (profiles) on the supporting wall. He then fits insulation over the holders to ensure maximum coverage of the insulation. He then attaches the vertical T profiles to the L-shaped elements. A specialist installation firm can then secure the Signa® panels to the supporting structure with aluminum sheet hooks.  

Finishing the corners

The fitter can finish the external and internal corner connections offset, with a cover profile or corner profile. To do this, he should not use any corner slips, as this can cause the underlying structure to bend and crack.  

Size of Signa® facade panels

We produce Signa® panels to size. The maximum size of one facade panel is around 1 m² according to the pattern and brick slip that you have chosen. Standard panels are always rectangular, but we can supply all shapes of panel on request.

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