From facade to work of art thanks to the Signa® facade system

In 2015, vzw Home Martine Van Camp began the renovation of their daycare centre, which included renovation of the facade. Renovating with the Signa facade system gave the designers ample freedom for the new look. A visual artist even managed to create a portrait of a young girl to add to the facade.

Named after a special young girl

Home Martine Van Camp is located in Diest, Belgium. This vzw (not for profit) supports people with mental handicaps in their day-to-day lives, with housing, and other activities. The organisation owes its name to a young girl who fought a congenital heart defect. A fund was established at the time to support her, so that she could travel to the USA to receive the operation that she needed. Following Martine’s death, the vzw was given the remaining funds. With the generous donation, the vzw was able to establish a daycare centre. In 2015, they commenced renovation of the complex. In memory of Martine, designers suggested placing a portrait of her in the entrance hall. Visual artist Jan Peirelinck was commissioned to create it. 

Brick is the answer

The artist wanted to put Martine’s face in the facade, completely in brick. The Signa facade system offered him the freedom to create the image in 3D. Vandersanden provided all of the materials needed , including back panels, adhesive, and brick slips , all customised. The artist affixed the brick slips himself in a self-designed pattern. The ready-to-use facade panels were then fitted to the facade in the entrance hall. 

Art and construction go hand in hand

The Signa curtain wall system offers a number of interesting advantages. The colour spectrum of Vandersanden’s range is extensive, affording you every freedom to do whatever you choose. In addition, you can also experiment with relief and depth effects. The brick slips are then supplied in different thicknesses.

Our range of colours

Art and construction go hand in hand

Creative renovation with Signa

The art project in Molenstrede certainly attracts attention. The result is both figurative and abstract. From far away, the portrait of Martine looks like a photograph. From close up, it’s an integrated interplay of shapes, lines, and colours.  

If you’d like to design a characterful facade for your own project, consider the Signa facade system, which offers you virtually limitless design freedom. We’d be happy to support you.


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