Careers at Vandersanden

To work at Vandersanden is to be part of a family-run company with more than 700 fellow employees. In the same way that we hope to inspire and unite through our products and processes, we also want to give employees a working environment in which inspiration and interaction are standard. At Vandersanden, everyone has the opportunity to expand their expert knowledge and skills.

Open vacancies

There are no vacancies at the moment.

Vandersanden’s DNA

Vandersanden employs thinkers and doers, talkers, and seekers. We design, produce, and sell facing bricks, brick slips, pavers, and facade and street solutions. Collaboration and individual responsibility or ownership are the thread running through our operational processes that all employees can grasp onto. Personal growth and development, supported by targeted training, coaching, and support, are vital ingredients.

Core values

Five core values form the benchmark and touchstone of how we operate:

Craftsmanship: our expertise, skills, and passion ensure a quality and result that we can be collectively proud of.

Innovative: we are open to new ideas and work continuously together to improve in everything that we do and make.

Sustainable: we work in a balanced way to help safeguard the well-being of employees, the environment, society, and Vandersanden for the current and future generations.

Integrity: we work honestly, sincerely, and consistently so that you can justify your conduct to yourself and others.

People-orientated: we approach one another from a perspective of mutual respect and trust and attention to one another’s unique personalities.

Core values

If our organisation is to make a difference, is to continue to grow and improve – and that’s something that all of us want – it can only happen with the commitment, drive, and positivity of our employees.

Jean-Pierre Wuytack
CEO at Vandersanden