The benefits of clay pavers

Decorative clay paving in the garden has multiple benefits. Whether you opt for the Waal size or another size, the opportunities are unparalleled. Clay pavers have a warm appearance, are long-lasting, and are environmentally friendly.

A warm and natural look

Brick is about as Dutch as it gets. This natural construction material is traditionally produced in brick factories along the major rivers in the Netherlands. You can find clay pavers in almost every pretty village or town centre. Decorative paving in the garden helps to create an immediate sense of the familiar, and whatever style you choose for your garden, the warm colours and natural look of clay pavers will help to create an air of authenticity. 

Good for you and good for the planet

Clay pavers from Vandersanden offer all-round durability – they are both long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Clay is a 100% natural product. Our bricks are baked at high temperatures to make them extremely strong, with a lifespan of a good 125 years. They are capable of withstanding extreme frost, heavy loads, and road salt. Their colours will not fade – in fact, the weather will only improve their appearance. No surprise that they are so often reused!

Good for you and good for the planet
Low maintenance

Low maintenance

A driveway, garden path, or patio made from clay paving is very low maintenance. Our bricks are extremely hard wearing and of top quality. They do not break, which means that they do not need to be replaced every year. Dirt, moss, and algae find it difficult to attach, so there is scarcely any green scale.  And if the pavers do become dirty? You can sweep the pavers clean with a little water and a broom. Just add in some fresh sand or filler, and your garden paving will look like new. Take a look at our tips on maintaining your decorative paving

Explore your creative side

The convenient size of clay pavers offers limitless opportunities when it comes to garden design. You could opt for a traditional pattern or for something more playful. The wide range of colours also gives you flexibility for even more variation. Mix darker colours with lighter colours, or design appealing patterns. Looking for something slightly calmer? Then opt for even paving or a subtle mix of colours. That way, you can create just the right atmosphere in any type of garden, whether sleek and modern, traditional, or natural.  

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