Architect discusses the Signa® facade system

What are the benefits of the Signa facade system? We asked Marko Matic from IAA Architects. He tells about his experiences of our collaboration for his project for Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede.

Collaboration creates a bond

Architect Marko Matic worked with us on a special project in Enschede to expand Saxion Hogeschool using the Signa facade system .‘It creates a bond,’ he explains. ’I was very enthusiastic when I was invited to deliver a lecture for Bouwinfo Limburg on my vision for the project.’ 

Co-creation is profitable

‘In construction, good collaboration is essential, but co-creation is more important than ever,’ emphasises Marko. ‘We can create beautiful things if every one of the construction partners is singing from the same sheet. If every party sits down together at the beginning, you have the ability to develop the best ideas, and to then translate those ideas into processes, techniques, and materials.’

Co-creation is profitable

Exchanging new ideas

‘For the future of construction, the exchange of new ideas is just as important as good collaboration – that way, we can arrive at the the ultimate solution with efficiency. You also avoid having to make compromises in the construction process. Collaboration with Vandersanden on the Saxion Hogeschool project in Enschede is a good example. It’s nicely put together in their slogan, “Together we build greatness”.’  

We look back on our pleasant and efficient collaboration with Vandersanden fondly. It’s a good demonstration of a long-term vision, with all the positive effects that it brings with it.

Marko Matic
IAA Architecten

Signa is synonymous with co-creation

Signa is synonymous with co-creation. This co-creation works not only between an architect and the producer of the bricks, but pulls in the producer of the suspension structure, the client, and contractor as well.  

From vision to facade system

As an architect, you enjoy finding inspiration. With Vandersanden, you can do that. We see translating your vision into an appropriate facade system as a challenge to be overcome. Ready for co-creation? Please get in touch and talk us through your plans. We would be happy to advise you on the options that the Signa facade system has to offer. 

From vision to facade system

Facade system for project construction

Signa can be used for new-build and renovation projects. You have complete creative freedom to design your own brick pattern and in so doing, leave your mark on the project. Every facade panel is finished with brick slips and the facade system is supplied ready to install.

The Signa facade system gives you maximum creative freedom to design your own brick pattern.

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