Brick slips and ECO brick slips

Just like you, we want to build a better world: more beautiful, more sustainable, more personal. We develop products that not only look good, but that respect the environment and the society in which we live. These include brick slips, which offer a smart solution for any project.

What are brick slips and ECO brick slips?

Bricks slips are 2 cm thick facing sides of the original bricks and have the same technical properties. They help you to create an impressive result while reducing the ecological footprint of a construction project. Brick slips are also lightweight and can be installed with insulation systems such as E-Board® and curtain wall systems such as Signa®.

Cut or
ECO brick slips

Cut brick slips

Cladding facades with cut brick slips is a sustainable and ecological alternative to the use of traditional bricks. They allow you to use the same number of bricks to cover a greater area, while leaving ample room for insulation. Brick slips are already a smart, sleek structural choice, but can be even more environmentally friendly.

ECO brick slips

Our unique ECO brick slips go one step further than cut brick slips in terms of efficiency. They are not cut from full bricks, but moulded and fired as slips. This helps to reduce material loss and consumption of raw materials and energy. New ECO brick slips offer a three-way win: ecologically, aesthetically, and cost-effectively.

Our range of brick slips

The right brick slip for you

Not yet sure what colour brick slip to choose? Or perhaps you have something in mind and want to look at the range in more detail. Our colour selector allows you to quickly and easily choose from our range not only colour, but style and texture as well. 

The colour finder  

The right brick slip for you

The ECO brick slips range

ECO brick slips are available in different textures, colours and sizes. In addition to the characteristic, grained hand form textures, there is also the contemporary Waterstruck table press textures. For a professional and aesthetic finishing of corners there are the ECO corner slips.  


All ECO brick slips are available in 3 sizes, each offering a specific look and feel: 

  • WF (waal format): ± 210 x 20 x 50 mm 
  • DF (thick format): ± 215 x 20 x 65 mm 
  • XL40 (longitudinal format): ± 290 x 20 x 40 mm 

The XL40 slips give your façades a sleek and very refined look.   

The ECO brick slips range

Egor XL40 Brick Slips
The ECO brick slips range

Innovative and a world first

Our mould-formed ECO brick slips are a further step towards a sustainable future. Not only is their production process sustainable, but they can also be used in combination with E-Board® and other insulation systems to meet the stringent requirements of low-energy construction. And the cherry on the top? It’s a budget-friendly material.

With mould-formed brick slips, the future looks bright in every way.


Innovative and a world first

Brick slips for indoors and outdoors

If you thought that brick slips were only for exterior facades, think again! You can create comfortable rooms by giving brick a leading role in your interior. 

Some examples

Brick slips for indoors and outdoors
Innovation and Vandersanden

Innovation and Vandersanden

It is no coincidence that Vandersanden has launched the ECO brick slip. Over 90 years, we have evolved to become the largest family company producing bricks in Europe. Innovation, craftsmanship, people orientation, and sustainability are the core of that success. Our ambition is to create sustainable, clay products that inspire people to build fantastic-looking buildings and prominent streets and gardens.

Find inspiration

ECO brick slips brochure

ECO brick slips brochure

ECO brick slips are available in different structures and colours. In addition to the characteristic, grained, hand-formed structure, there is also the unique water-struck table-press structure. Our ECO brick slips brochure has comprehensive information on the properties, applications, range and more. 

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