The benefits of our brick slips

Interested in sleek, sustainable construction, or renovation with the robust quality of brick? Looking to insulate at the same time? Then read more about our range of brick slips.

All of the benefits of brick slips, and more

Our brick slip is approx. 2 cm thick but with the same high-quality properties as brick. It is dimensionally stable, robust, low maintenance, non-flammable, and has excellent resistance to frost. Our range of brick slips offers the same choice of sizes and colours as our range of bricks.  

In addition, brick slips from Vandersanden offer the following benefits:  

  • They are space-saving: brick slips are thin and ideal for giving an existing facade a fresh new look. When compared with full facing bricks, you can quickly reduce the wall thickness by 8 cm with brick slips. This gives you more room for insulation.
  • A wide range: we not only provide cut brick slips of all facing bricks, but a contemporary and complete range of even smarter and sustainable ECO brick slips.
  • Easy to install: brick slips are installed much faster than full bricks. And all without additional modifications to windows or doors.   
  • Once complete, you’ll not be able to distinguish it from a traditional brick wall. 
  • Ideal in combination with insulation: brick slips can be bonded straight on to insulation panels. Insulate and refresh your facades in one step. See our E-Board® insulation system for further information. 
  • For corners too: in addition to flat slips, we also offer corner slips for finishing corners around windows, doors, and walls. 
  • Numerous applications: bricks slips are ideal for ceiling coverings and corbelling. 


Interested in our range of brick slips?

Friendly to the environment: ECO brick slips

Brick slips are made from natural materials and last for years. Want to be even more sustainable? Discover ECO brick slips, an innovation from Vandersanden. Our ECO brick slips are not cut from full bricks, but moulded and baked as slips. This helps to reduce consumption of materials, raw materials, and energy.

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Friendly to the environment: ECO brick slips

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