Theatre building intrigues with black bricks

Morvan brick

The imposing Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk (Poland) has a daring design that turns heads. Italian architect Renato Rizzi worked with black bricks and pavers to create a striking contrast in the predominantly red brick city.

Black, modern brick adds contrast

A few Gothic elements are visible on the outside of the theatre that reflect the style of the old town centre. For the facade, the architect wanted a darker anthracite brick, Morvan. The black colour represents strength and durability. The contrast with the old bricks of the surrounding buildings clearly stands out. The pavers around the building have exactly the same colour as the bricks on the theatre.

Treasure chest and labyrinth

The inside of the theatre holds a surprise as well. White walls, clear marble staircases, and birch panels light up the interior. Residents of the city have compared the theatre to a treasure chest – solid and heavy on the outside, refined and polished on the inside.

The layout of the building forms a multidimensional framework for various types of activity, including theatre, performances, meetings, exhibitions, and other events. The Shakespeare Theatre is not only a building but a reflection of the city itself. A maze of narrow corridors (streets), squares (courtyards) and a complex world of divergent functions. 

Treasure chest and labyrinth

A great view

The theatre offers three types of performance – open air in Elizabethan style, traditional, with the audience in front of the stage, and an arena layout, with the stage encircled by the audience.  

The narrow aisle ways around the audience lead to a large foyer and open-air patio area, where guests can enjoy performances and a drink during the break. The open roof terraces offer splendid views and a new perspective on the city.  

A great view

New architecture

Brickwork beams are visible in the outer walls. These absorb the pressure of the open roof (‘wings’), reduce the weight of the walls, and enable structural improvements. The high wall hides the theatre’s mechanisms and technical equipment. 

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Project information

  • Architect: Renato Rizzi 
  • Local office: Q-Arch 
  • Location: Gdańsk, Poland 
  • Surface area: 4000 m² 
  • Brick: Morvan 
  • Paver: Morvan 
  • Year: 2014 
  • Photography: Rafał Malko, Jakub Certowicz 

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