Linge® size 80/80

Circularity takes many forms, and the Linge® size 80/80 (with a header-stretcher that matches the dimensions of the ‘Dik’ size) is a very special one. This most robust of pavers in the Linge® range is ideally suited for heavy traffic.

Three useable facing sides

The Linge® size 80/80 is the only one with three usable facing sides.

The sanded version of paver has three facing sides and can therefore be used three times – that’s twice the reusability and a unique asset in the market for pavers. Essentially, you get three times the paving for the price of one. In addition to cost savings, the pavers’ eco-friendly properties are a huge plus. After all, the LF80/80 has some seriously good sustainability credentials: not only two times less raw materials, but also two times less energy for production and two times less transport.

Approx. L 245 x W 80 x H 80 mm. Approx. 50 per m2

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