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A public space that’s just that bit different. An environment that gives people that special feeling as the streets, footpaths, and squares have a touch of authenticity and exude calm and a unique charm. This kind of aesthetic ambition is what the Linge® large-size pavers by Vandersanden are all about.

Robust, authentic, and extra sustainable

As these pavers are larger than the popular standard sizes, they add a certain peacefulness and robustness to the streetscape. In addition, the Linge® size helps to reduce maintenance thanks to fewer gaps. And last but not least, the pavers’ special properties make them extra sustainable.

All colours

More design freedom

The unique Linge® large sizes are available in various dimensions and designs. By combining the Linge® sizes with each other or with the classic pavers, designers can really boost the look and feel of a streetscape. Robust, diverse, and functional.

More design freedom
Moulded and extruded

Moulded and extruded

The moulded bricks have a more robust and natural appearance. All Linge®-size moulded bricks are also available in tumbled versions. The extruded bricks are more streamlined and absorb little water, making them extremely hard. Depending on the colour, Linge®-size extruded bricks can be supplied smooth, planed, or sanded.

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