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E-Board is the complete total solution for renovation and new-build! E-Board from Vandersanden allows you to renovate your home and insulate it in one go. The final result will have the look and quality of solid brick, both in traditional and contemporary style. Your home will satisfy recent comfort-enhancing insulation standards, while also looking great.

What is E-Board?

E-Board is an ATG-certified total solution for the renovation and new-build of facades. ATG certification for E-Board has stipulations that include the system being sustainable, watertight, and resistant to frost. E-Board is a complete system solution comprising insulation material, brick slips, mortar adhesive, and other accessories.

You will receive everything in a single delivery. You choose the insulation thickness and the brick colour. All parts are assembled in the correct quantities according to the surface that you are covering. Supplied ready for installation.

Insulating with E-Board

E-Board is installed as an insulating skin between the existing exterior walls or as non-cavity insulation against the inner panel. E-Board is suitable for both existing and new-builds:

Patented E-Board panels fit together seamlessly thanks to tongue and groove and hook and loop connections. This methods helps to ensure a dimensionally stable, watertight, and vapour-permeable system. The facade panels are installed against the existing exterior wall, rendering an additional foundation completely unnecessary.

Quality and service

Vandersanden can supply the complete E-Board system, complete with insulation panels and brick slips, available in more than 100 different colours. Discover our ECO brick slips, a new step towards a sustainable future for your home.

Quality and service

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